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Gima & Len
"We found out in December during a routine physical that was followed by a four day hospital stay, right before Christmas.  High blood pressure had caused irreversible kidney damage. The doctor recommended we consider a transplant since we were both young and relatively healthy, the goal was to avoid the ravages of dialysis and any worsening conditions. I prayed daily and to know that we were a match was an amazing feeling.  Lots of friends offered to step up and get tested, but I waited to see if she would pass the exams and she did.  I have watched her grow and evolve so much, and become so strong.  I never had any doubts because I know once she makes up her mind it's a done deal.  I am forever grateful to her."
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Ruby & Gurpreet
"The first time I met him in person was following a 9 month relationship which consisted of phone calls, texts, and email exchange.  When I booked my trip to meet him in India I heard it all; what if you're catfished, what if he kidnaps you, have you ever heard of human trafficking, you know you could be killed - I heard it all! I went anyway.  I met his family and I when I saw the way he treated his mom, I knew right there that I would return home Mrs. Panju.  He proposed to me with his whole family and a few weeks later I had a two hundred person wedding in India.  I would do it all over again for him."
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Eileen & Tony
"I knew I would marry him from the moment I met him.  It was love at first sight."
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Raquel & Dan
"It took me seven months to realize that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with my best friend and loving husband.  We had been dating on and off for that time, when we decided to take a trip to Barbados.  I was uncertain going into the trip, but it turned out to be magical how effortless it was to spend time together.  From then on I had no doubt that he was the one. Movie nights are challenging since he loves horror films and I do not, but we make it work.  We have found that compromise is key..."